Parents Of Suicide
Member's Pictures

Pamela(Pam) J. Williams
Tacoma, Washington
Mother of
Joshua James Longozo (18)

Geri Dunn
Conyers, Georgia
Mother of
Daniel (Dan) (21)

In the picture
Top: Geri and Dan
Bottom: Katy 16 and Tina 13

My name is Geri Dunn, I live in Conyers, Ga. about 13 years now.I am a registered nurse,who's had the great opportunity to stay home with my children this past year....even greater because Dan came home to live the last 3 months. I have three children Daniel, forever 21 years 11 months and 19 days old, Katy 16, and Tina 13. My hobbies include painting, reading, softball and volleyball. these pics were taken at Katy's 16 b'day party a couple of weeks before Dan's death.

Jackie Poland
Mother of
John "Jack" (20)

This picture of the six of us was taken just 15 days before our lives forever changed. We were all in separate pictures and when we got home, Mary cut and pasted all of us together and made a copy for me (as taker of the picture is always left out). I am far left(the doll was a likeness of Mary for her award ceremony); my daughter Angel (26) next to me; daughter Mary (17); our oldest son Michael (22); beloved Jack (20); husband and dad to this gang Henry. What a team we were!!

Trish's Home in R.I
Mother of
Melissa her "Honey Bee" (22)

Knock on my door. Tell me the giant copper butterfly drew you. Enter my abode, heated by a lovingly stoked wood stove. Inhale the scent of a family's circle of love. Sit at my table of culinary excursion to worlds yet to imagine. See that although I am alone, I am never lonely.

Robin & Dennis Minzes
Independence, Missouri
Parents of
Christopher (30)

In the picture are Robin and Dennis. Also their daughter Jenny with Christopher. The picture of Christopher and his sister Jenny was taken on a trip to Key West, Florida in 1999...We had a great time.

Jill & Bill Lindsey
Dallas, North Carolina
Mother of
Dusty (23)

This picture was taken just before Bill and I were married. It was one of Dusty's favorites. Bill and I were married on May 8, 1999 and Dusty gave me away. He was so proud and handsome and he was truly happy that I had chosen such a wonderful man. He really admired Bill and they shared a mutual love for me. Less than one month later, Dusty was gone. Such happiness then such sadness...emotions all mixed up together. We miss him with our every breath and beat of our heart.

"If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I would walk straight up to heaven and bring him home again"

Jack & Carmen Cassidy
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Father & Mother of
Patricia Ann "Patti" (17)

This picture of Jack and Carmen was taken at Karyl's in Pavo, Georgia. They had come to place Patti's photo on the Butterfly Tree in October, 2000.

The pictures above are of Geri D., Mother of Danny. She visited Karyl on 12/02/00 & 12/03/00 to place Danny's picture on the Butterfly Tree. In the picture, Geri is kissing the picture of Argia's son Raphael. In the picture on the right, Geri and Karyl take a break to relax.

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